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We are a husband and wife team from Metro Detroit! We focus on weddings & engagements, high school seniors, and portraits. 

Nicole and I met on Facebook through a mutual friend. Nicole was interested in learning photography and her friend had suggested that she should reach out to me. We spoke online, met up for coffee (her other passion), and the more we spoke, the more we found out just how much we had in common. Since then, Nicole has been such an important role in the development of my photography business. She's traveled the country with me photographing weddings and portraits. She's been my model, lighting assistant, second shooter, promoter, advisor, personal therapist, biggest fan, etc. you name it, she's done it all! I often think "if it weren't for photography, Nicole and I would have never met!"

"A great portrait is not so much about the camera and lighting gear,

     but rather the connection between the subject and the photographer."

Nicole and I have different tastes in art, style and fashion that compliment one another. We are passionate about creating images that are a perfect marriage of our styles, modern yet classic. We love making our clients look and feel beautiful while having fun in the process! Nicole and I enjoy meeting our clients for coffee and getting to know them before photoshoots or weddings! A great portrait is not so much about the camera and lighting gear, but rather the connection between the subject and the photographer. We believe that getting to know our clients is the number one way to ensure a fun and personal experience that creates stunning images and lasting relationships.


Owner and Photographer

Born and raised in Michigan! I grew up with many influences of art and music by my family. My parents encouraged music, art, and creativity. My grandfather was a jazz trumpet player, and my grandmother was an amazing painter. As a child, I found a creative passion for art and film. In   2007, I decided to pick up my first DSLR camera after following a Japanese blogger. I remember being blown away at how beautifully his street photography images captured Japan and its modern culture. Originally, I intended to photograph my artwork with it, but I discovered the artistic side of photography. I know it sounds cheesy, but It was love at first click!

I photographed my first wedding at my brothers wedding on July 7th, 2007. I was standing as his best man and I did both photography and video for the entire wedding. I know, sounds crazy, right? My brother and his wife were so happy with the work I did that it was then I realized how much I loved sharing my photos in a meaningful way.   

A chance encounter changed my life and photography career. I met an Indian wedding planner who believed in me and my abilities. That opportunity launched my photography career enabling me to grow into the photographer I am today.

I was drawn to photography because it is the perfect blend of art and technology. I love the idea that a single image can tell a story, capture an emotion, convey beauty, and preserve history. Being a tech-geek, I also love all of the gadgets and gear that help me create beautiful images. I absolutely love what I do! Each photo shoot or wedding is like an adventure to me, regardless if I am driving down the street or traveling miles away! The places that I travel to, the incredible people I meet, the wonderful memories I capture, are all incredible experiences I am so grateful to have because of photography. 


My photography style is a mix of editorial & lifestyle photography, and much like myself; spontaneous, passionate, and creative. I find inspiration in art, music, fashion, animation, and film. I love the mix of modern and tradition. I like to get to know my clients and capture their personality while making it a fun experience. 


When I'm not working, I enjoy the nerdy things in life. I love spending time with my family, Nicole and Apollo. I love robots, Science, Jazz, kung fu movies, sushi, and green tea. October is my favorite month of the year! The food, the festivities, the change of seasons, hoodie weather, my birthday, and of course Halloween, are a few things that make Autumn so great! I want to travel and photograph the world. One day, I'll eventually get enough courage to go sky diving, even though I'm terrified of heights! 

// THE TEAM //


My lovely assistant and wife!

She's been my model, lighting assistant, second shooter, promoter, advisor, personal therapist, biggest fan, etc. you name it, she's done it all! You'll mostly see Nicole by my side for everything from consultations to weddings! She's my right hand woman! 

When Nicole is not helping me create amazing images, she is busy being an amazing mother to her son Apollo. The two of them are inseparable and also enjoy the nerdy things in life! Nicole is a Psychology major and very passionate about helping people. She loves Art, France, coffee, donuts, comic books, and science. She's quite the nerd, and I wouldn't have it any other way! 


Second Photographer and Assistant

April is a talented lifestyle portrait photographer and has an incredible personality. She is a dreamer, traveler, prayer, runner, wife, educator, coffee drinker, and a great friend. You'll typically see April assisting me with weddings and photoshoots whenever Nicole isn't with me.

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